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  1. At last, another great blog. Good to have you back! What a fascinating portrait of a tough walk and a landscape and people in transition. Like the idea that you'll post from now on only when you have a story.

  2. What a Truly Great Blog Dear Kit!! Certainly the best. I have read every word you have written and I feel so proud having you as a Godson!! BRAVO so far!
    If you find the Indian roads crowded with traffic and people you 'aint seen anything yet' when compared with Bangladesh where (in our experience) it is almost impossible to find alternative routes to the big roads. I hope that with your gps facitities and better maps perhaps (than back in 1995) you will have more success than Carole, Quin and I had.
    Can't tell you how much everyone is enjoying your blogs. Many, many read them without commenting . . . look at me. I feel quite ashamed not to have commented before. Greetings and admiration xxxxxxxx

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